Giovanni Jacovitti

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T i Abstract-Basic aspects of time delay estimation (TDE) based on sampled,signals are investigated in this paper. The direct cross-correlation method is analyzed and compared to the average square difference function (ASDF) and the (addition only based) average magnitude difference function (AMDF) estimators. Their relative accuracy is theoretically(More)
Usual approaches to localization, i.e., joint estimation of position, orientation and scale of a bidimensional pattern employ suboptimum techniques based on invariant signatures, which allow for position estimation independent of scale and orientation. In this paper a Maximum Likelihood method for pattern localization working in the Gauss-Laguerre Transform(More)
A twin stage texture synthesis-by-analysis method is presented. It aims to approximate first- and second-order distributions of the texture, accordingly to the Julesz conjecture. In the first stage, the binary textural behavior of a given prototype is represented by means of a hard-limited Gaussian process. In the second stage, the texture is synthesized by(More)
A method for full-reference visual quality assessment based on the 2-D combination of two diverse metrics is described. The first metric is a measure of structural information loss based on the Fisher information about the position of the structures in the observed images. The second metric acts as a categorical indicator of the type of distortion that(More)
A very concise comparison technique for objective image quality assessment is described. The method is based on a angular edge coeherence measure defined by local image expansion into a set of harmonic angular functions. Using the angular edge coherence it is possible to estimate the relative quality of a reproduced image with respect to the original one(More)
Detection and tracking of circular patterns in images and video sequences is a specific but important task occurring in most image content analysis problems. Among others, let us cite for instance robotic vision in industry, biometrics. etc. One of the most recent applications is ball tracking for sport video analysis , and in particular for soccer video(More)