Giovanni Giugno

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The prognosis for thalassemia major has dramatically improved in the last two decades. However, many transfusion-dependent patients continue to develop progressive accumulation of iron. This can lead to tissue damage and eventually death, particularly from cardiac disease. Previous studies that investigated iron chelation treatments, including retrospective(More)
BACKGROUND Real-life data on the use of R2 MRI for the assessment of liver iron concentration (LIC) remain limited. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional analysis on 363 patients (mean age 35.6 yr, 44.1% men) with hemoglobinopathies (204 β-thalassemia major [TM], 102 β-thalassemia intermedia [TI], and 57 sickle cell disease [SCD]) that were evaluated(More)
The development of surgery in regime of day hospital proceeds swiftly, especially in Anglo-saxon countries, so that at the beginning of the second millennium it can be foreseen that in USA alone, 75% of all surgery will be carried out in this manner. From March 1st to September 1st 1994, 100 patients were submitted to operations in ODS (One Day Surgery). We(More)
As complete as possible a picture of the current state of cytostatic chemotherapy in the treatment of metastatic breast carcinoma is offered. Attention is therefore mainly concentrated on application modalities of this form of therapy in relation to the clinical stage of the disease and to the use of other treatment possibilities. Methods and results of(More)