Giovanni Gallo

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In this paper we address the problem of producing an enlarged picture from a given digital image (zooming). We propose a method that tries to take into account information about discontinuities or sharp luminance variations while doubling the input picture. This is realized by a multiple scan of the zoomed image and could hence be implemented with limited(More)
This paper presents a video stabilization algorithm based on the extraction and tracking of scale invariant feature transform features through video frames. Implementation of SIFT operator is analyzed and adapted to be used in a feature-based motion estimation algorithm. SIFT features are extracted from video frames and then their trajectory is evaluated to(More)
Art often provides valuable insight that can be applied to technological innovations, especially in the fields of image processing and computer graphics. In this paper we present a method to transform a raster input image into a good-quality mosaic: an “artificial mosaic.” The creation of mosaics of artistic quality is challenging because the tiles that(More)
The problem of finding a work assignment for drivers in a given time horizon, in such a way as to have an even distribution of the workload, is considered. This problem is formulated as a Multi-level Bottleneck Assignment Problem (MBA). The MBA problem is studied: it is shown that it is NP-complete and an asymptotically optimal algorithm is presented. Some(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the prevalence of heart failure among very old people, although hospitalisation rates for chronic heart failure are very high. Recently, brain natriuretic peptides have emerged as important diagnostic and prognostic serum markers for congestive heart failure. AIMS The main purpose of our study was to determine whether(More)
To enlarge a digital image from a single frame preserving the perceptive cues is a relevant research issue. The best known algorithms take into account the presence of edges in the luminance channel, to interpolate correctly the samples/pixels of the original image. This approach allows the production of pictures where the interpolated artifacts (aliasing(More)
This paper proposes a method to recognize scene categories using bags of visual words obtained by hierarchically partitioning into subregion the input images. Specifically, for each subregion the Textons distribution and the extension of the corresponding subregion are taken into account. The bags of visual words computed on the subregions are weighted and(More)
The efficiency of lossless compression algorithms for fixed-palette images (indexed images) may change if a different indexing scheme is adopted. Many lossless compression algorithms adopt a differential-predictive approach. Hence, if the spatial distribution of the indexes over the image is smooth, greater compression ratios may be obtained. Because of(More)