Giovanni GC Caputi

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The technique of intraneural microstimulation (INMS) combined with microneurography was used to excite and to record impulse activity in identified afferent peroneal nerve fibers from skeletal muscle of human volunteers. Microelectrode position was minutely adjusted within the impaled nerve fascicle until a reproducible sensation of deep pain projected to(More)
1. Intraneural microstimulation (INMS) and microneurography were used in combination to stimulate and record from muscle nociceptor primary afferent fibers of the common peroneal nerve of healthy volunteers. When pain evoked by INMS was projected to muscle, afferent activity could be evoked by innocuous and noxious pressure applied within the projected(More)
BACKGROUND Mandatory vaccination has contributed to the success of immunisation programmes but voluntary vaccination allows people to be responsible for their own health. There are benefits from both policies and the arguments between them remain subject to debate within and without the scientific community, both nationally and internationally. The aim of(More)
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