Giovanni Furlan

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Clinical and drugs safety organisations run their operation independently and use separate databases designed to comply with different data standards. This separation is neither efficient nor effective since investigators need to report serious adverse events both to the clinical and drug safety departments, causing the respective databases to contain(More)
Society has been increasingly intolerant of excuses for systems breakdown in many areas of public life. This is hardly surprising given that there is overwhelming evidence behind why processes fail and mistakes are made, and so, based on this evidence, processes should be designed to mitigate risk. The main root cause of many process failures can be(More)
In this paper we propose a new supersymmetric extension of conformal mechanics. The Grassmannian variables that we introduce are the basis of the forms and of the vector-fields built over the symplectic space of the original system. Our supersym-metric Hamiltonian itself turns out to have a clear geometrical meaning being the Lie-derivative of the(More)
Clinical research is at a cross-roads of sustainability due to the current cost of development, amount of regulation, and irrational use of medicine. There are also too many silos in clinical research and development, post-marketing safety, as well as a lack of standards, and effective communication. This paper covers the future of pharmacovigilance and(More)
Current regulations require a description of the overall safety profile or the specific risks of a drug in multiple documents such as the Periodic and Development Safety Update Reports, Risk Management Plans (RMPs) and Signal Detection Reports. In a resource-constrained world, the need for preparing multiple documents reporting the same information results(More)
Over the last approximately 20 years, the pharmaceutical industry has increasingly outsourced its research and development activities, including pharmacovigilance, with mixed results. To avoid significant failures, both clients and service providers should understand and openly discuss each other’s needs, avoiding the unrealistic expectations often elicited(More)
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