Giovanni Frazzetto

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Monoamine oxidase A gene (MAOA) has earned the nickname "warrior gene" because it has been linked to aggression in observational and survey-based studies. However, no controlled experimental studies have tested whether the warrior gene actually drives behavioral manifestations of these tendencies. We report an experiment, synthesizing work in psychology and(More)
One day when I was still in college, I dared to enter the loftier humanities section, to borrow an unusual book. When the library clerk realized that I was a science student, she seemed taken aback, almost alarmed: Whatever do you need Canguilhem for, if you are studying molecular biology? Don’t you have enough to read in your own subject?’ Well, yes, I(More)
From rage and grief to exquisite tendresse, emotion is laid bare in theatre. Few art forms electrify or illuminate as powerfully as stage acting. But how have theatrical greats such as John Gielgud or Vanessa Redgrave cast their spell? Acting may be one of the most ancient arts, but science is only just beginning to get to grips with it. Science started to(More)
SIR — Far from being dominated by scepticism about science, as Harry Collins claims, mainstream philosophy of science opposes the relativism that Collins decries. We are both philosophers of biology, a field that analyses key biological concepts such as species and genes, dissects theoretical debates in biology and examines emerging fields such as systems(More)
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