Giovanni Foresti

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to describe the clinical characteristics and related comorbid conditions of psychiatric patients admitted to residential facilities (RFs) and their impact on the levels of functioning of such patients. METHODS We assessed 426 patients admitted to residential facilities, by using SCID-I, SCID-II, BPRS, GAF and DAS.(More)
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have been suggested to play an important role in physiopathology of schizophrenia. The polymorphisms in the genes encoding antioxidant enzymes, such as manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) should, thus, result in predisposition to this psychiatric disorder. A functional amino acid polymorphism (Ala9Val) has been described in(More)
Five specific personality traits (emotivity, acceptance of sexual role, parental aptness, anxiety and depression) have been analyzed for this study of the premenstrual syndrome (PMS), conducted on a group of 110 women in advanced (8th month) pregnancy. The comparison of the results from the personality tests and from the overall assessment of the PMS (82%)(More)
The identification of the molecular basis of numerous hereditary neurological disorders allowed the feasibility of predictive genetic tests for at-risk family members. In agreement with international guidelines, we tested a protocol for a predictive test to optimize cooperation among specialists, well-being of participants, and organization of clinical(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide a multidimensional description about the pattern of patients recovered in some Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, as emerging from identification of similar groups regarded the total severity. DESIGN AND SETTING A cross-sectional survey has been conducted on patients recovered in 4 Northern-Italy Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services.(More)
The Organic Brain Syndrome (OBS) and the Depression (D) scales derived from the Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Evaluation (CARE) were translated into Italian and used in a survey of geriatric institutions in Milan. During the survey validity and reliability tests of the scales were conducted. Inter-rater reliability (total score weighted kappa) was(More)
An EEG and CT study was carried out on 79 patients affected by dementia (24 SDAT and 55 MID). The EEG and CT patterns were compared with those of an age-matched control group. Statistical analysis of the CT findings between the demented and normal subjects showed significant differences only for severe atrophy. As far as EEG findings are concerned, no EEG(More)
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