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We present Vsys, a mechanism for restricting access to privileged operations, much like the popular sudo tool on UNIX. Unlike sudo, Vsys allows privileges to be constrained using general-purpose programming languages and facilitates composing multiple system services into powerful abstractions for isolation. In use for over three years on PlanetLab, Vsys(More)
Channel assignment is among the most challenging issues for multiradio wireless mesh networks, given the variety of objectives that can be pursued and the computational complexity of the resulting problems. The channel assignment problem has been also shown to be interdependent with the routing problem, i.e., the problem to determine the amount of traffic(More)
—Routing in multi-radio wireless mesh networks is a very challenging problem. In this paper, we propose a forwarding paradigm based on MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) which makes use of a novel mechanism, denoted as MPLS splitting policy. Such mechanism allows to configure multiple next hops at an intermediate node, so that the incoming traffic is(More)
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) based on the IEEE 802.11 standard are becoming increasingly popular as a viable alternative to wired networks. WMNs can cover large or difficult to reach areas with low deployment and management costs. Several multi-path routing algorithms have been proposed for such kind of networks with the objective of load balancing the(More)
—In multi-radio wireless mesh networks, a network device simultaneously transmits packets over different channels by using multiple radios. Such frequency diversity not only increases throughput but makes multi-path routing approaches extremely interesting. This is because the channel diversity reduces the risk for intra-and inter-flow interference. A(More)
PlanetLab is a global scale platform for experimentation of new networking applications in a real environment. It consists of several nodes, offered by academic institutions or companies spread all over the world, that can be shared by the networking community for its tests. The main drawback of PlanetLab is its scarce heterogeneity in terms of the access(More)
The ultimate success of the Wireless Mesh Network paradigm (WMN) in large scale deployments depends on the ability to test it in real world scenarios. A typical application scenario which is worth to be investigated in such a context is peer-to-peer traffic management. The creation of large scale testbeds for evaluating wireless mesh technologies and(More)