Giovanni Della Vecchia

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Given a closed triangular mesh, we construct a smooth free–form surface which is described as a collection of rational tensor–product and triangular surface patches. The surface is obtained by a special manifold surface construction, which proceeds by blending together geometry functions for each vertex. The transition functions between the charts, which(More)
We present a construction of a piecewise rational free-form surface of arbitrary topological genus which may contain sharp features: creases, corners or cusps. The surface is automatically generated from a given closed triangular mesh. Some of the edges are tagged as sharp ones, defining the features on the surface. The surface is C smooth, for an arbitrary(More)
We present a method for constructing blades of hydroelectric turbines and ship propellers based on design parameters that possess a clear hydraulic meaning. The design process corresponds to the classical construction of a blade using the medial surface of the blade and profile curves attached to it. The main new contribution of the paper consists in(More)
The electrical conductivity of a soil can be related to the electrical conductivity of solid skeleton and interstitial water by means of theoretical and empirical relationships, taking into account the effect of porosity, saturation degree, fabric and clay content. Hence monitoring electrical conductivity inside a soil sample can provide useful information(More)
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