Giovanni Cuda

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  • Mariarosaria Santillo, Paolo Mondola, Rosalba Serù, Tiziana Annella, Silvana Cassano, Ilaria Ciullo +9 others
  • 2001
Ras p21 signaling is involved in multiple aspects of growth, differentiation, and stress response [1-2]. There is evidence pointing to superoxides as relays of Ras signaling messages. Chemicals with antioxidant activity suppress Ras-induced DNA synthesis. The inhibition of Ras significantly reduces the production of superoxides by the NADPH-oxidase complex(More)
BACKGROUND Human serum has the potential to become the most informative source of novel biomarkers, but its study is very difficult due to the incredible complexity of its molecular composition. We describe a novel tool based on biodegradable nanoporous nanoparticles (NPNPs) that allows the harvesting of low-molecular-weight fractions of crude human serum(More)
BACKGROUND Isotope-coded affinity tags (ICAT) is a method for quantitative proteomics based on differential isotopic labeling, sample digestion and mass spectrometry (MS). The method allows the identification and relative quantification of proteins present in two samples and consists of the following phases. First, cysteine residues are either labeled using(More)
  • Flavia Biamonte, Fabiana Zolea, Andrea Bisognin, Maddalena Di Sanzo, Claudia Saccoman, Domenica Scumaci +6 others
  • 2015
In a previous study, we showed that the silencing of the heavy subunit (FHC) offerritin, the central iron storage molecule in the cell, is accompanied by a modification in global gene expression. In this work, we explored whether different FHC amounts might modulate miRNA expression levels in K562 cells and studied the impact of miRNAs in gene expression(More)
The SGK1 kinase is pivotal in signal transduction pathways operating in cell transformation and tumor progression. Here, we characterize in depth a novel potent and selective pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine-based SGK1 inhibitor. This compound, named SI113, active in vitro in the sub-micromolar range, inhibits SGK1-dependent signaling in cell lines in a dose- and(More)
  • Domenica Scumaci, Francesca Trimboli, Ludovica Dell’Aquila, Antonio Concolino, Giusi Pappaianni, Laura Tammè +6 others
  • 2015
The aim of this study was to shed light in to the complexity of the ovine colostrum proteome, with a specific focus on the low abundance proteins. The ovine colostrum is characterized by a few dominating proteins, as the immunoglobulins, but it also contains less represented protein species, equally important for the correct development of neonates. Ovine(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus (DM) has multifactorial detrimental effects on myocardial tissue. Recently, carbonic anhydrases (CAs) have been shown to play a major role in diabetic microangiopathy but their role in the diabetic cardiomyopathy is still unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS We obtained left ventricular samples from patients with DM type 2 (DM-T2) and(More)
Fhit protein is lost or reduced in a large fraction of human tumors, and its restoration triggers apoptosis and suppresses tumor formation or progression in preclinical models. Here, we describe the identification of candidate Fhit-interacting proteins with cytosolic and plasma membrane localization. Among these, Annexin 4 (ANXA4) was validated by(More)