Giovanni Cozzolino

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Social networking services gain more often interest for research goals in several fields and applications thanks to the big amount of data that users daily post on them. Knowledge that has accumulated in the social sites enables to catch the reflection of real world events. In this work we present a general framework for event detection from Twitter. The(More)
Due to the pervasiveness of digital technologies in all aspects of human lives, it is increasingly unlikely that a digital device is involved as goal, medium or simply ’witness’ of a criminal event. Forensic investigations include recovery, analysis and presentation of information stored in digital devices and related to computer crimes. These(More)
Healthcare domain is characterized by a huge amount of data, contained in medical records, reports, test results and so on. In order to give support to healthcare workers and manage relevant data in effective and efficient way, it is important to correctly classify the unstructured parts of text, embedded in the medical documents. In this paper, we propose(More)