Giovanni Costa

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The authors developed and tested a process model of adaptation to shiftwork, which hypothesizes that various individual and situational variables influence the development of sleep and social and domestic disturbances. Both types of disturbances trigger various types of coping behavior, leading to several proximal outcomes. The end result is the development(More)
BACKGROUND Although the prevalence of work-limiting diseases is increasing, the interplay between occupational exposures and chronic medical conditions remains largely uncharacterized. Research has shown the detrimental effects of workplace bullying but very little is known about the humanistic and productivity cost in victims with chronic illnesses. We(More)
Borg's RPE method was used by the authors to evaluate physical performance of healthy subjects during exercise tests performed either in the night or daytime and involving different muscle masses (upper and lower limbs). The reliability of RPE scale was confirmed. The perception of physical performance appeared to be higher in the night-time and when upper(More)
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