Giovanni Celentano

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STEP-NC is a new model for data transfer between CAD/CAM and CNC that allows specifying machining process rather that tool motion with respect to the machine axes. STEP-NC CNC controllers are a new breed of CNC controllers that allow using this high-level model for a seamless integration in the CAD-CAM-CNC chain. Various prototypes of STEP-NC CNC(More)
There are many examples of systems with delays, mainly due to transport phenomena, to the information transmission, to the calculation time of the integration digital devices, and so on. These systems, being infinite dimensional, are very difficult to analyze and to control. If they are forced by piecewise constant signals in time ranges of appropriate(More)
— A variety of plants with high parametric uncertainties are usually controlled with signals that may assume only a finite number of values, both to simplify actuator's construction and minimize the operation cost. The design of multi-valued control laws which provide a control signal that is discontinuous in time and quantized in magnitude is then of(More)
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