Giovanni Ceccarini

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Obese, leptin deficient obob mice have profoundly decreased activity and increased food seeking behavior. The decreased activity has been attributed to obesity. In mice, we tested the hypothesis that leptin increases total locomotor activity but inhibits food anticipatory activity. We also sought to determine if leptin induced increases in total locomotor(More)
UNLABELLED The pattern of circulating iodothyronines in the fetus differs from that in the adult, being characterized by low levels of serum T3. In this study, concentrations of various iodothyronines were measured in sera from neonates of various postconceptional age (PA). Results obtained in cord sera at birth (PA, 24-40 weeks), reflecting the fetal(More)
The molecular biology of follicular cell growth in thyroid nodules is still poorly understood. Because gain-of-function (activating) mutations of the thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor (TShR) and/or Gs alpha genes may confer TSh-independent growth advantage to neoplastic thyroid cells, we searched for somatic mutations of these genes in a series of(More)
OBJECTIVE The human sodium iodide symporter (hNIS) is a candidate autoantigen in autoimmune thyroid diseases. To investigate the possible existence of autoantibodies able to interfere with the biological activity of hNIS, an assay was developed using a cell line stably expressing hNIS. METHODS hNIS complementary cDNA cloned in pcDNA3 and a neomycin(More)
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