Giovanni Casiraghi

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A series of individual sugar-modified pyrimidine nucleosides including enantiomerically enriched 2',3'-dideoxynucleosides 14a-c (alpha and beta anomers of L- and D-series), 2',3'-dideoxy-4'-thionucleosides 21a-c (alpha and beta anomers of L- and D-series), and 2',3'-dideoxy-4'-azanucleosides 28a-c (beta anomers of L- and D-series) were synthesized, with(More)
Efficient, total syntheses of novel 2-deoxy-2-amino-5a-carba-beta-L-mannopyranuronic acid (1) and 2-deoxy-2-amino-5a-carba-beta-L-mannopyranose (2), a positional stereoisomer of validamine, have been achieved in 28% and 24% overall yields and in 12 steps and 13 steps, respectively, from 2-[(tert-butyldimethylsilyl)oxy]furan (3) and(More)
The outstanding physio-pathological role played by integrin receptors in living subjects motivates the enormous interest shown by scientists worldwide for this topic. More than twenty years of research has spanned across the structural and functional elucidation of these proteins and over their antagonism-based biomedical applications. The proof-of concept(More)
Modulation of the complex reactivity of cyclohexenylidene malononitriles using diverse β-aryl-substituted enals and proper organocatalytic modalities resulted in divergent asymmetric reaction patterns to furnish angularly fused or bridged carbabicyclic frameworks. In particular, use of remotely enolizable dicyanodienes 1, under one-pot sequential amine/NHC(More)
A chiral, divergent synthesis of two carbafuranosylamines, 1 and 2, two carbapyranosylamines, 3 and 4, two carbafuranosylamino acids, 5 and 6, and two carbapyranosylamino acids, 7 and 8, has been achieved. Highlights of the procedure include the following: a diastereoselective crossed vinylogous Mukaiyama aldol coupling between(More)
Highly direct, modular syntheses of several natural 8,4'-oxyneolignans [(-)-1, (+)-1, (-)-2, and (-)-3] and some related variants [(-)-26, (+)-26, (+)-27, and (-)-28] are reported. Utilizing (S)- or (R)-methyl lactate as the chiral sources, two complementary syn- or anti-oriented routes were designed, encompassing nine and five steps, which were carried out(More)
The feasibility of sequential vinylogous aldol (intermolecular)/silylative aldol (intramolecular) addition reactions involving furan- and pyrrole-based dienoxysilanes, 6 and 12, in the synthesis of carbasugar frameworks is illustrated by the preparation of the scantily investigated carbaseptanose and carbaoctanose representatives of this class of compounds.(More)
luoghi di lavoro e non soltanto in quelli più attenti a tali problematiche. Vengono via via trattati in maniera succinta ma completa gli agenti biologici, gli effetti sulla salute e la valutazione dl rischio. La corretta lettura e interpretazione della peri-colosità degli agenti biologici, le misure di prevenzione e protezione sono il cuore del manualetto.(More)