Giovanni Casanova

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At the beginning of this century it was realised that peristalsis would cause incontinence if bowel was used for augmentation or substitution of the bladder. Trans-section of the antimesenteric border and cross-folding of the intestinal segments (Goodwin's cup-patch technique) is an efficient means of solving this problem and has been successfully used in(More)
We report on the retrospective analysis of 61 traumatic lesions of the posterior urethra in a fractured pelvis. In collaboration with the orthopedic surgeons, 44 cases could be classified with regard to the nature and mechanism of the pelvic fracture. No direct relationship between the structural integrity of the dorsal ring segment and the urological(More)
Spheroidal bladder substitutes made from double-folded ileal segments, similar to Goodwin's cup-patch technique, are devoid of major coordinated wall contractions. This, together with the reservoir's direct anastomosis to the membranous urethra, prevents major intraluminal pressure peaks and assures a residue-free voiding of sterile urine. In order to(More)
Twenty-three patients with an ileal bladder substitute formed after cystectomy for invasive bladder cancer were evaluated clinically and urodynamically between 3 and 38 months post-operatively. The urodynamic measurements were compared with the clinical findings. After re-education of the patients' voiding habits the mean voiding volumes of the bladder(More)
The developing urogenital complex of the fetal mouse was studied by means of silver impregnation and electron microscopy. These studies showed that: 1) the mesonephric field is innervated during prenatal stages (Wolffian nerve); 2) nerve penetration precedes the differentiation of the gonads and related ducts; and 3) the Wolffian nerve arises during the(More)
We present a censorship resistant peer-to-peer network for accessing n data items in a network of n nodes. Each search for a data item in the network takes O(logn) time and requires at most O(log2 n) messages. Our network is censorship resistant in the sense that even after adversarial removal of an arbitrarily large constant fraction of the nodes in the(More)