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1 We attempt to assess the level of variability of the Eris light curve by determining its BVRI photometry with a target accuracy of 0.03 mag/frame in R and a comparable or better stability in the calibration. Eris has been observed between November 30 th and December 5 th 2005 with the Y4KCam on-board the 1.0m Yale telescope at Cerro Tololo Interamerican(More)
We report on accurate BVRI photometry for the two Uranus irregular satellites Sycorax and Caliban. We derive colours, showing that Sycorax is bluer than Caliban. Our data allows us to detect a significant variability in the Caliban's light-curve, which suggests an estimated period of about 3 hours. Despite it is the brighter of the two bodies, Sycorax does(More)
In this paper we report on PD-SPH the new tree-sph code developed in Padua. The main features of the code are described and the results of a new and independent series of 1-D and 3-D tests are shown. The paper is mainly dedicated to the presentation of the code and to the critical discussion of its performances. In particular great attention is devoted to(More)
Eighteen RR Lyrae variables (RRLs) that lie in the " 12. h 4 clump " identified by the QUEST survey have been observed spectroscopically to measure their radial velocities and metal abundances. Ten blue horizontal branch (BHB) stars identified by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) were added to this sample. Six of the 9 stars in the densest region of the(More)
We describe a new implementation of a parallel Tree-SPH code with the aim to simulate Galaxy Formation and Evolution. The code has been parallelized using SHMEM, a Cray proprietary library to handle communications between the 256 processors of the Silicon Graphics T3E massively parallel supercomputer hosted by the Cineca Super-computing Center (Bologna,(More)
Having shown in a recent paper that the main sequence of ω Centauri is split into two distinct branches, we now present spectroscopic results showing that the bluer sequence is less metal-poor. We have carefully combined GIRAFFE@VLT spectra of 17 stars on each side of the split into a single spectrum for each branch, with adequate S/N to show clearly that(More)
We present HST observations that show a bifurcation of colors in the middle main sequence of the globular cluster ω Centauri. We see this in three different fields, observed with different cameras and filters. We also present high precision photometry of a central ACS field which shows a number of main-sequence turnoffs and subgiant branches. The double(More)
In this paper we present a new, accurate determination of the three components of the absolute space velocity of the Galactic globular cluster NGC 6397 (l ≃ 338 • , b ≃ −12 •). We used three HST/WFPC2 fields with multi-epoch observations to obtain astrometric measurements of objects in three different fields in this cluster. The identification of 33(More)