Giovanni Cantor

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This paper describes an evolutionary algorithm (EA) which combines cellular automata, Cambrian explosions and massive extinction ideas in order to maintain diversity and automatically determine the population's size of the EA. Individuals are organized in a two-dimensional grid (2-dimensional cellular automaton surface) and are considered active or inactive(More)
Many optimization problems have complex search space, which either increase the solving problem time or finish searching without obtaining the best solution. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is an optimization technique used in solving many practical problems in science, engineering, and business domains. Parallel Genetic Algorithm (PGA) has been widely used to(More)
—In this paper, a data mining technique for protein sequence pattern extraction is developed. Specifically, the aim is to explore the use of association rules as a basis to build successful secondary structure predictors, in a sequence­structure layer. No heuristic or biological infor ma tion is taken into account in the present study and only the(More)
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