Giovanni Camponovo

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Self-organized networks might be a disruptive technology in the mobile telecommunication industry, posing a credible threat to the current network operators' dominance of mobile applications and services. Indeed, with the emergence of wireless broadband networks based on clusters of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) hotspots, self-organized networks might(More)
In strategic prospective, scenario thinking and negotiation processes, the analysis of the actor game plays an important role. Such an analysis intends to rank the stakeholders' positions on many strategic issues, assess the convergences and divergences, and anticipates coalitions and conflicts. Many models and tools have been proposed and used which rest(More)
The m-business landscape never stops to change and the impacts on the mobile market are constant as players reposition themselves on the market according to the new opportunities and threats brought by rapid technological developments. This paper provides a conceptual tool to better understand this player arena and its objective is threefold. The first one(More)
The widespread adoption of wireless LAN has paved the way for the emergence of a compelling alternative to cellular networks for obtaining Internet access on the move. This has generated interesting opportunities to a variety of players to position in the mobile industry as Wireless Internet Service Provider. Mobile network operators have insofar managed to(More)
A number of scenario planning studies have been conducted in relation to mobile business in the recent years for analyzing major trends and challenges in the wireless domain. Unfortunately, most of them ignore the other ones and never try to compare their results with the others. Now this validation phase is an important phase in a design science process.(More)
Mobile payment is a very promising service which is still in an early stage of development. Various solutions have been proposed with disparate success. This can partially be explained by the immaturity of the market, by the inex-istence of proven business models for the various actors, and by the presence of several unresolved technological and business(More)
Samuel Bendahan is a doctoral candidate in management at the HEC School of Business, the University of Lausanne. His research interests include organizational behavior, negotiation, and actor-issue analysis. Giovanni Camponovo is a doctoral candidate in information systems at the HEC School of Business, the University of Lausanne. His research interests(More)