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PURPOSE To evaluate the effect of the geometry of implantable pacemakers (PMs) on lead heating induced by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MATERIALS AND METHODS In vitro experiments were conducted with two different setups, using fluoroptic probes to measure the temperature increase. The first experiment consisted of a rectangular box filled with a(More)
The assessment of the degree of organization and the classification of atrial fibrillation (AF) according to the types defined by Wells usually resorts to the visual inspection of bipolar intraatrial electrograms. The focus of this study was to test seven parameters aimed to quantify the degree of organization of the electrograms, and then to design a final(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate possible changes in autonomic cardiovascular regulation and cardiopulmonary baroreflex sensitivity in patients with primary cervical dystonia receiving chronic treatment with botulinum toxin type A. METHODS Short-term power spectral analysis of heart rate and systolic blood pressure variability, high-frequency and low-frequency(More)
STUDY DESIGN Power spectrum analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) is a noninvasive technique that provides a quantitative assessment of cardiovascular neural control. Using this technique, we studied the autonomic nervous system changes induced by sleep in 14 healthy subjects: 7 infants (mean age, 9.40 +/- 2.32 months) and 7 children (mean age, 8.93 +/-(More)
The interactions between respiration, heart rate and blood pressure variability (HRV, BPV), are considered to be of paramount importance for the study of the functional organisation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The aim of the reported study is to detect and classify the intermittent phase locking (PL) phenomena between respiration, HRV and BPV(More)
Electromagnetic interference with critical medical care devices has been reported by various groups. Previous studies have demonstrated that volumetric and syringe pumps are susceptible to false alarm buzzing and blocking when exposed to various electromagnetic sources. The risk of electromagnetic interference depends on several factors such as the(More)
The changes in between gene expression correlation structure induced in heart tissue by atrial fibrillation are studied by means of a graph theoretical approach. As expected by general statistical mechanics principles, the disease increases the general connectivity of the gene regulation network; the multiscale character of the analysis allows us to get(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical presentation of Parkinson's disease (PD) includes a wide spectrum of non-motor features, including cardiovascular autonomic failure. OBJECTIVE To evaluate cardiovascular autonomic status and cardiac functional capacity in drug-naïve PD patients. METHODS 18 newly-diagnosed PD patients underwent laboratory cardiovascular autonomic(More)
The purpose of this work is to evaluate the error associated with temperature and SAR measurements using fluoroptic temperature probes on pacemaker (PM) leads during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We performed temperature measurements on pacemaker leads, excited with a 25, 64, and 128 MHz current. The PM lead tip heating was measured with a fluoroptic(More)
In this study we hypothesized that nasal synchronized intermittent positive pressure ventilation (nSIPPV) would provide more ventilatory support than nasal continuous positive airway pressure (nCPAP) in the immediate post-extubation period in very low birth weight (VLBW) infants. We tested this hypothesis by comparing the effects of these two ventilatory(More)