Giovanni Cafiero

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UNLABELLED In our study, the genetic linkage of the Fcepsilon RIbeta gene with atopy in 77 affected sibling pairs recruited from an Italian panel of 201 subjects has been examined. Atopy was defined by the presence of a positive skin prick test to one or more common aeroallergens, a positive RAST test to one or more common aeroallergens and an elevated(More)
We study the interaction of 3T3 Swiss albino mouse fibroblasts with polymeric nanoparticles (NPs) and investigate cellular behaviour in terms of viability/cytotoxicity, cell cycle, NPs uptake, MAP kinase (ERK1/2), and focal adhesion kinase (FAK) activation. After incubation of NPs with cell culture media, western blot analysis showed that Vitronectin is(More)
Remote sensing is the science and art of obtaining information about an object through the analysis of data acquired by a device that is not in contact with the object (Lillesand and Keifer, 1994). Remotely sensed data can be of many forms, including variations in force distribution, acoustic wave distribution or electromagnetic energy distributions and can(More)
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