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OBJECTIVES We aimed to identify all treatments that affect mortality in adult critically ill patients in multicenter randomized controlled trials. We also evaluated the methodological aspects of these studies, and we surveyed clinicians' opinion and usual practice for the selected interventions. DATA SOURCES MEDLINE/PubMed, Scopus, and Embase were(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of anaesthesia on postoperative outcome is unclear. Cardioprotective properties of volatile anaesthetics have been demonstrated experimentally and in haemodynamically stable patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting. Their effects in patients undergoing high-risk cardiac surgery have not been reported. METHODS We performed(More)
We have administered to 29 patients with macroprolactinoma the dopamine agonists bromocriptine and lisuride for 1-50 months (mean +/- SE, 12.7 +/- 1.8) in order to assess the effects of these drugs on tumor size. Fourteen patients were treated with bromocriptine (dose range, 7.5-20 mg/day), 12 patients were treated with lisuride (0.6-2 mg/day), and 3(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the efficacy of intraoperative treatment with low dose tranexamic acid in reducing the rate of perioperative transfusions in patients undergoing radical retropubic prostatectomy. DESIGN Double blind, parallel group, randomised, placebo controlled trial. SETTING One university hospital in Milan, Italy. PARTICIPANTS 200 patients(More)
Occult hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is common in chronic hepatitis C patient. However, its significance and consequences are still unclear. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of occult HBV among HCV chronic carriers in France and to assess its impact on liver histology and response to antiviral therapy. To this end a cohort of 203(More)
Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) has been used to prevent or to treat perioperative acute respiratory failure (ARF). Intraoperative prophylactic and therapeutic use of NIV could be of interest to patients with anticipated difficulty in postoperative weaning from mechanical ventilation or to patients refusing tracheal intubation. Intraoperative NIV might also(More)
We studied the effects of long term treatment with bromocriptine (Br) or lisuride (L) on GH secretion and tumor size in 19 acromegalic patients with large pituitary adenomas. In 22 additional patients with smaller adenomas, only plasma GH levels were monitored during treatment. All patients underwent an acute test with 2.5 mg Br or 0.3 mg L and, on the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The aim of this prospective, randomized, double-blind investigation was to assess the dose-effect characteristics of postoperative nausea and vomiting after intrathecal administration of small doses of morphine (from 0.015 to 0.25 mg) in opioid-naïve, non-surgical patients. METHODS With Ethic Committee approval and written(More)