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We propose a formal language that allows for transposing biological information precisely and rigorously into machine-readable information. This language, which we call Zsyntax (where Z stands for the Greek word zetaomegaeta, life), is grounded on a particular type of non-classical logic, and it can be used to write algorithms and computer programs. We(More)
In this paper we propose an approach to vagueness characterised by two features. The first one is philosophical: we move along a Kantian path emphasizing the knowing subject's conceptual apparatus. The second one is formal: to face vagueness, and our philosophical view on it, we propose to use topology and formal topology. We show that the Kantian and the(More)
We propose a formal representation of objects, those being mathematical or empirical objects. The powerful framework inside which we represent them in a unique and coherent way is grounded, on the formal side, in a logical approach with a direct mathematical semantics in the well-established field of constructive topology, and, on the philosophical side, in(More)
We know that around 30% of all cancers are preventable. We also know that there is clear evidence of the causal relations between obesity and cancer. This means that there could be lifestyles that could prevent obesity and, thus, cancer. Yet, who legitimises these lifestyles and on which ground? Should citizens be free to accept or not to accept policies(More)
End-of-life decisions are often associated with the perspective of the respiratory specialist. On one side, the physician may be confronted directly with these decisions regarding their own patients with an end-stage respiratory failure caused by a chronic conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). On the other hand, several(More)
As is known, in Italy some vaccinations are mandatory and some others are recommended. But always more frequently there are parents who, when asked their children participate to the vaccination campaign, answer with: Sorry, we have decided not to vaccinate our child, we have the right to choose. It is not here the right place to investigate the reasons (if(More)