Giovanni Battista Barone

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Cloud Computing has been widely adopted as a new paradigm for providing resources because of the advantages it brings to both users and providers. Even if it was firstly targeted at enterprises wishing to reduce their equipment management costs, it has been rapidly recognized as both an enabler for new applications and as a mean to allow enterprises of all(More)
—Even though the Italian Grid Infrastructure (IGI) is a general purpose distributed platform, in the past it has been used mainly for serial computations. Parallel applications have been typically executed on supercomputer facilities or, in case of " not high-end " HPC applications, on local commodity parallel clusters. Nowadays, with the availability of(More)
The minimisation of the total cost of ownership is hard to be faced by the owners of large scale computing systems, without affecting negatively the quality of service for the users. Modern datacenters, often included in distributed environments, appear to be “elastic”, i.e., they are able to shrink or enlarge the number of local physical or virtual(More)
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