Giovanni Azzone

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Delta approximately muH has been determined in steady state mitochondria by measuring the magnitude of delta pH on the distribution of acetate and of deltapsi on the distribution of K+, tetraphenylphosphonium, Ca2+, Sr2+ and Mn2+. (1) The matrix concentration of divalent cations has been calculated from the total cation uptake, from the increase of matrix(More)
Experimental data are reviewed that are not in keeping with the scheme of 'delocalized' protonic coupling in membrane-linked free-energy transduction. It turns out that there are three main types of anomalies: (i) rates of electron transfer and of ATP synthesis do not solely depend on their own driving force and on delta mu H, (ii) the ('static head') ratio(More)
Addition of EDTA to mitochondria incubated aerobically in a phosphate-supplemented medium containing Na+ ions results in activation of cation uptake which is accompanied by membrane depolarization and stimulation of respiration. The same results are obtained in media containing Li+ but not K+, indicating that this pathway for cation transport is selective.(More)
A new criterion is utilized for the interpretation of flow-force relationships in rat liver mitochondria. The criterion is based on the view that the nature of the relationship between the H+/O ratio and the membrane potential can be inferred from the relationship between ohmic-uncoupler-induced extra respiration and the membrane potential. Thus a linear(More)
The paper reports an analysis of the relationship between deltamuH the proton electrochemical potential difference, and deltaGp, the phosphate potential. Depression of deltamuH and deltaGp has been obtained by titration with: (a) carbonylcyanide trifluoromethoxyphenylhydrazone; (b) nigericin (+ valinomycin); (c) KCl (+ valinomycin); and (d) rotenone. The(More)
The paper presents a new complex dynamic modeling of multi-phase asynchronous motors and investigates the Field-Oriented control applied to this type of machines. The new dynamic model is obtained in the state space using a complex rectangular transformation. The obtained model is complex, reduced-order and takes into account also the odd harmonic injection(More)
1. During aerobic cation uptake in liver mitochondria, the hydrophobic pH indicator bromothymol blue undergoes a multiphase response: phase 1 (rapid acidification), phase 2 (slow alkalinization), phase 3 (rapid alkalinization) and phase 4 (reacidification). 2. Titrations with ruthenium red and malonate indicate that the various phases depend on the relative(More)