Giovanni Avveduto

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This paper presents a novel fully immersive Mixed Reality system that we have recently developed where the user freely walks in a life-size virtual scenario wearing an HMD and can see and use her/his own body when interacting with objects. This form of natural interaction is made possible in our system because the user's hands are real-time captured by(More)
This poster introduces a fully immersive Mixed Reality system we have recently developed, where the user is free to walk inside a virtual scenario while wearing a HMD. The novelty of the system lies in the fact that users can see and use their real hands - by means of a Kinect-like camera mounted on the HMD - in order to naturally interact with the virtual(More)
In this work we describe a system composed by an optical see-through AR headset---a Microsoft HoloLens---, stereo projectors and shutter glasses. Projectors are used to add to the device the capability of occluding real-world surfaces to make the virtual objects to appear more solid and less transparent. A framework was developed in order to allow us to(More)
This paper introduces our ongoing work on the <i>Foot Controller Device</i> as an interface for navigation in Immersive Virtual Environments. The Foot Controller is a special, arduino-based control mat equipped with an array of pressure sensors and able to function as a touch surface for feet. What makes it special is that sensor cells can be accessed(More)