Giovanni Assenza

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The primary motor cortex (M1) area recruitment enlarges while learning a finger tapping sequence. Also M1 excitability increases during procedural consolidation. Our aim was to investigate whether increasing M1 excitability by anodal transcranial DC stimulation (AtDCS) when procedural consolidation occurs was able to induce an early consolidation(More)
Noninvasive brain stimulation (NIBS) techniques can be used to monitor and modulate the excitability of intracortical neuronal circuits. Long periods of cortical stimulation can produce lasting effects on brain function, paving the way for therapeutic applications of NIBS in chronic neurological disease. The potential of NIBS in stroke rehabilitation has(More)
We determined total Purkinje cell (PC) numbers in cerebella of wild-type (+/+) and heterozygous (rl/+) reeler mice of either sex during early postnatal development; in parallel, we quantified levels of neuroactive steroids in the cerebellum with mass spectrometry. We also quantified reelin mRNA and protein expression with RT-PCR and Western blotting. PC(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Despite similar clinical onset, recovery from stroke can be largely variable. We searched for electrophysiological prognostic indices, believing that they can guide future neuromodulation treatments boosting clinical recovery. METHODS 19-channels resting electroencephalogram (EEG) was collected in 42 patients after 4-10 days (t0)(More)
Do central and peripheral motor pathways associated with an amputated limb retain at least some functions over periods of years? This problem could be addressed by evaluating the response patterns of nerve signals from peripheral motor fibers during transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of corticospinal tracts. The aim of this study was to record for the(More)
BACKGROUND Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by mobile phones had been shown to increase cortical excitability in healthy subjects following 45 min of continuous exposure on the ipsilateral hemisphere. OBJECTIVE Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), the current study assessed the effects of acute exposure to mobile phone EMFs on the cortical(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The detection of antibodies binding neural antigens in patients with epilepsy has led to the definition of 'autoimmune epilepsy'. Patients with neural antibodies not responding to antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) may benefit from immunotherapy. Aim of this study was to evaluate the frequency of autoantibodies specific to neural antigens in(More)
The hypoxic brain damage induced by stroke is followed by an ischemia-reperfusion injury modulated by oxidative stress. Magnetoencephalographic (MEG) recording of rest and evoked cortical activities is a sensitive method to analyse functional changes following the acute ischemic damage. We aimed at investigating whether MEG signals are related to oxidative(More)
PURPOSE Inflammation has been shown to play a key role in epilepsy, and may also affect both the iron status and metabolism. Consequently, a relationship between iron metabolism and neuronal excitability and seizures could be expected. METHODS We aimed at characterizing in 37 adult patients affected by focal epilepsy during the interictal period serum(More)
The brain is a self-organizing system which displays self-similarities at different spatial and temporal scales. Thus, the complexity of its dynamics, associated to efficient processing and functional advantages, is expected to be captured by a measure of its scale-free (fractal) properties. Under the hypothesis that the fractal dimension (FD) of the(More)