Giovanni Aschero

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A piezoelectric effect has been reported to exist in biological tissues, in particular in dry bone. Since the precision and resolution now obtainable are much greater, we decided to verify the presence of the converse effect (dimensional change under the application of an electric field) in fresh bone samples, by using a very high sensitivity instrument. We(More)
In a newly developed, highly sensitive dilatometer we applied pulsatile electric fields to five dry bone samples cut from mid-tibial sections within a 90 degrees angle from the rear to front axis. Samples of five cows were studied. We measured the piezoelectric coefficient d23 establishing its mean and confidence interval for the first time. An analysis of(More)
The correlation dimension D(2) yields good results in several biomedical fields. Nonetheless, no clinical application to electromyography has been developed yet. One reason is the high electromagnetic noise typical of clinical environments. This noise is characterized by sharp spectral lines of variable intensity and frequency. The filtering techniques(More)
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