Giovanni Adorni

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This paper discusses how stereo vision achieved through the use of omnidirectional sensors can help mobile robot navigation providing advantages, in terms of both versatility and performance, with respect to the classical stereo system based on two horizontally-displaced traditional cameras. The paper also describes an automatic calibration strategy for(More)
In this paper, we present a compact hybrid video sensor that combines perspective and omnidirectional vision to achieve a 360deg field of view, as well as high-resolution images. Those characteristics, in association with 3D metric reconstruction capabilities, are suitable for vision tasks such as surveillance and obstacle detection for autonomous robot(More)
This paper describes two versions of a novel approach to developing binary classifiers, based on two evolutionary computation paradigms: cellular programming and genetic programming. Such an approach achieves high computation efficiency both during evolution and at runtime. Evolution speed is optimized by allowing multiple solutions to be computed in(More)
IoT personal devices are having an undoubtedly explosive growth as many different products become available on the market such as smart watches, contact lenses, fitness bands, microchips under skin, among others. These devices and their related applications process the collected sensor data and use them to provide services to their users; in addition most(More)