Giovanni Acierno

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Neuroblastoma (NBL) is a heterogeneous tumor characterized by a wide range of clinical manifestations. A high tumor cell differentiation grade correlates to a favorable stage and positive outcome. Expression of the hypoxia inducible factors HIF1-α (HIF1A gene) and HIF2-α (EPAS1 gene) and/or hypoxia-regulated pathways has been shown to promote the(More)
BACKGROUND Common variants in DNA may predispose to onset and progression of neuroblastoma (NB). The genotype GG of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs1800795 (-174 G>C) in interleukin (IL)-6 promoter has been associated with lower survival of high-risk NB. RESULT To evaluate the impact of IL-6 SNP rs1800795 on disease risk and phenotype, we analyzed(More)
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