Giovannalberto Pini

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Sperm cells from control donors of proven fertility and men from barren couples were studied by conventional procedures, i.e., light microscopy as well as flow cytometry. Light microscopy analysis of semen included the measurement of spermatozoa concentration, morphology, and motility. All the men from barren couples were asthenozoospermic at the(More)
A large body of experimental research indicates that oxidative stress contributes to the processes related to aging and to the pathogenesis of several age-related diseases. Vitamins and antioxidant enzymes have a fundamental role in defending the organism from oxidative stress. To better understand the role of antioxidants in human aging, we measured plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (LRP) represents an established treatment modality for localised prostate cancer. OBJECTIVE To report standardised complication rates for LRP, evaluate the development of complication rates over time, and show changes within the learning curves of laparoscopic surgeons. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS We(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic and robotic simple prostatectomy (SP) have been introduced with the aim of reducing the morbidity of the standard open technique. OBJECTIVE To report a large multi-institutional series of minimally invasive SP (MISP). DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS Consecutive cases of MISP done for the treatment of bladder outlet obstruction(More)
To review the minimal-invasive development of surgical technique in urology focusing on nomenclature, history and outcomes of Laparo-Endoscopic Single-site Surgery (LESS), Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) and Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS). A comprehensive literature search was conducted in order to find article related to LESS,(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Despite increasing laparoscopic expertise in reconstructive surgery, open procedures still represent the gold standard. Robot-assisted techniques increasingly replace laparoscopy. However, laparoscopy is also developing: by improvement of ergonomics, new instruments, and techniques further reducing access trauma. We evaluated the actual(More)
Gender accounts for important differences in the incidence and prevalence of a variety of age-related diseases. Considering people of far advanced age, demographic data document a clear-cut prevalence of females compared to males, suggesting that sex-specific mortality rates follow different trajectories during aging. In the present investigation, we report(More)
To present small-incision access retroperitoneoscopic technique pyeloplasty (SMARTp), a novel mini-laparoscopic approach for management of uretero-pelvic junction obstruction (UPJO) in adults including comparison with the standard retroperitoneoscopic technique (SRTp). In a non-randomised study, we matched 12 adult patients treated from August to November(More)
[1] Zimskind PD, Fetter TR, Wilkerson JL. Clinical use of long-term indwelling silicone rubber ureteral splints inserted cystoscopically. J Urol 1967;97:840–4. [2] Saltzman B. Ureteral stents. Indications, variations, and complications. Urol Clin N Amer 1988;15:481–91. [3] Liatsikos E, Kallidonis P, Kyriazis I, et al. Ureteral obstruction: is the full(More)