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Stem cell niche refers to the microenvironment where stem cells reside in living organisms. Several elements define the niche and regulate stem cell characteristics, such as stromal support cells, gap junctions, soluble factors, extracellular matrix proteins, blood vessels and neural inputs. In the last years, different studies demonstrated the presence of(More)
Endothelial dysfunction is found in different pathologies such as diabetes and renal and heart diseases, representing one of the major health problems. The reduced vasodilation of impaired endothelium starts a prothrombotic state associated with irregular blood flow. We aimed to explore the potential of amniotic fluid stem (AFS) cells as a source for(More)
Nonprofit boards of directors are fiduciaries for the organization. However, there have been various legal interpretations of their duties. The authors review the conflicting standards of conduct that exist, and they report the results of a survey which sampled director opinion concerning the liability issue. The proposition that directors were unaware of(More)
We previously showed that Irisin, a myokine released from skeletal muscle after physical exercise, plays a central role in the control of bone mass. Here we report that treatment with recombinant Irisin prevented bone loss in hind-limb suspended mice when administered during suspension (preventive protocol) and induced recovery of bone mass when mice were(More)
Gut Month 2017 Vol 0 No 0 Figure 1 Overall survival rates of 460 patients with gastric carcinoma by disease stage. Patients were classified into two subgroups based on the number of CLOCK alleles linked to lower gene expression (ie, major allele C of CLOCK rs3749474 and minor allele G of CLOCK rs1801260). Patients with 3–4 risk alleles (lower(More)
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