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We present the results of a search for ν µ → ν e oscillations in the NOMAD experiment at CERN. The experiment looked for the appearance of ν e in a predominantly ν µ wide-band neutrino beam at the CERN SPS. No evidence for oscillations was found. The 90% confidence limits obtained are ∆m 2 < 0.4 eV 2 for maximal mixing and sin 2 (2θ) < 1.4 × 10 −3 for large(More)
In this work we developed press-pack silicon resistors for current ratings of thousands of amperes. Many prototypes were fabricated (with various resistance values) and characterized, using low-voltage (&lt; 100 V) fast-pulsed (i.e., isothermal) measurements to tune a two-dimensional electro-thermal numerical model. The simulations then provided us with a(More)
2 Abstract Bose-Einstein Correlations in one and two dimensions have been studied, with high statistics, in charged current muon-neutrino interaction events collected with the NOMAD detector at CERN. In one dimension the Bose-Einstein effect has been analyzed with the Goldhaber and the Kopylov-Podgoretskii phenomenologi-cal parametrizations. The Goldhaber(More)
This work shows results of multi-bias-point DC hot electron stress of power AlGaAs/GaAs HFETs. Both the gate reverse current and the drain-gate electric field are varied independently in order to study the bias dependence of device degradation. Numerical drift-diffusion simulations are used to explain the degradation behavior.