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Chiral HPLC separation and CD spectra of the C-2 diastereomers of naringin in grapefruit during maturation.
Naringin is the chief flavanone glycoside of grapefruit (Citrus paradisi). It is responsible for part of the bitter taste of the fruit and can cause the inhibition of some cytochrome P450s. TheExpand
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Chiral high-performance liquid chromatographic separation and circular dichroism spectra of the enantiomers of cytotoxic aristocularine alkaloids.
The HPLC enantiomeric separation of the racemic cularinoid alkaloids N-p-methoxy-1,alpha-dihydroaristoyagonine (1) and 4',5'-demethoxy-1,alpha-dihydroaristoyagonine (2) was accomplished using fiveExpand
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Chiral liquid chromatography separation and chiroptical properties of the enantiomers of dimethyl alpha-hydroxyfarnesylphosphonate, a precursor of a farnesyl protein transferase inhibitor.
The HPLC enantiomeric separation of racemic and non-racemic samples of dimethyl alpha-hydroxyfarnesylphosphonate (1) was accomplished using Chiralcel OD as chiral stationary phase. Single enantiomersExpand
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