Giovanna Passaro

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Alterations of intestinal microflora may significantly contribute to the pathogenesis of different inflammatory and autoimmune disorders. There is emerging interest on the role of selective modulation of microflora in inducing benefits in inflammatory intestinal disorders, by as probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, antibiotics, and fecal microbiota(More)
Sepsis represents a global health problem in terms of morbidity, mortality, social and economic costs. Although usually managed in Intensive Care Units, sepsis showed an increased prevalence among Internal Medicine wards in the last decade. This is substantially due to the ageing of population and to multi-morbidity. These characteristics represent both a(More)
Abstract. – OBJECTIVE: Rickettsia conorii is responsible for the Mediterranean Spotted Fever. Recently, new rickettsial species have been recognized in Europe and implicated in human diseases. Clinical features often differ greatly from each other, but non-severe liver involvement is frequently observed during any rickettsial infection. CASE REPORT: We(More)
OBJECTIVES A pencil in the urinary bladder is an unusual problem for urologists. We present a case in a 44-year-old female with an eyeliner pencil self-introduced into the urethra. MATERIALS AND METHODS The patient was referred to us with a recent history of "ingestion of foreign body". The clinical presentation, radiologic data, and treatment were(More)
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