Giovanna Palumbo

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To determine whether oxidized LDL enhances atherogenesis by promoting monocyte recruitment into the vascular intima, we investigated whether LDL accumulation and oxidation precede intimal(More)
The sting mutation, caused by a P element inserted into polytene region 32D, was isolated by a screen for male sterile insertions in Drosophila melanogaster. This sterility is correlated with the(More)
Males of Drosophila melanogaster lacking the Y chromosome-linked crystal locus show multiple meiotic alterations including chromosome disorganization and prominent crystal formation in primary(More)
The effect of Fenclor 42 (PCB) exposure of female rats (Fischer 344 strain) was studied through assessment of the behavioral development of their F1 progeny. Female rats were exposed to PCB according(More)