Giovanna Leoncini

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OBJECTIVE Recent studies suggest that uric acid may predict the development of diabetes in the general population. Whether this association holds true in primary hypertension and is independent of renal function and metabolic syndrome is not clear at present. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In a prospective, observational study, 758 untreated hypertensive(More)
The Doppler-derived renal resistive index has been used for years in a variety of clinical settings such as the assessment of chronic renal allograft rejection, detection and management of renal artery stenosis, evaluation of progression risk in chronic kidney disease, differential diagnosis in acute and chronic obstructive renal disease, and more recently(More)
The knowledge of each patient's global risk profile is a prerequisite for effective therapeutic strategies in primary hypertension. Detecting the presence of subclinical organ damage at the cardiac, vascular, and renal levels is key for stratifying cardiovascular risk and may also be helpful in choosing antihypertensive agents and in monitoring the(More)
The prevalence of chronic kidney disease, currently estimated to vary between 8 and 12 % in the general population, is steadily rising due to aging and to the ongoing epidemic of hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Even in its early stages, chronic kidney disease entails a greater risk for cardiovascular mortality, and its prevention and treatment is rapidly(More)
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