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BACKGROUND Elevated total plasma homocysteine (tHcy) levels are considered a risk factor for cerebrovascular disease and may also play an important role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). High values of plasma tHcy and low levels of vitamin B(12) and folate are frequently present in AD patients. Moreover, the homozygous mutation (C677T) of the(More)
To investigate whether ultrasound determination of the inferior vena cava diameter (IVCD) and its collapsibility index (IVCCI) could be used to optimize the fluid removal rate while avoiding hypotension during slow continuous ultrafiltration (SCUF). Twenty-four consecutive patients [13 men and 11 women, mean age 72 ± 5 years; New York Heart Association(More)
Objective. To evaluate 2-hour lactate clearance as a prognostic marker in acute cardiorespiratory insufficiency. Design. Prospective observational study. Setting. Emergency Department (ED) and 16-bed medical High Dependency Unit (HDU). Methods and Main Results. 95 consecutive admissions from the ED for acute cardiorespiratory insufficiency were(More)
Hyperkalemia may cause cardiac pacemaker (PMK) malfunctioning due to a reduction of the electronegativity of the resting myocardial potential. Both sensing and capture mechanisms could be temporarily affected, with possible life-threatening effects. Calcium chloride may counteract almost immediately such a dangerous effect of hyperkalemia, restoring the(More)
Critical care patients are submitted to multiple derangements of vital parameters. Even in patients with a normally performing heart, its electrical activity can be strongly influenced by dyselectrolytemias, acid-base imbalance and aggressive drug therapy. In this paper, the basic principles of the electrophysiologic properties of the heart are reviewed,(More)
The hemodialysis might interfere with patients hemodynamic, as the technique allows a sophisticated game with extra and intravascular fluids. As the cardiocirculatory response could sometimes be unpredictable, it is interesting to collect valuable information by reaching a deep understanding of the tissue metabolism which is mirrored by the blood gas(More)