Giovanna Guerrini

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In this paper we propose a matching algorithm for measuring the structural similarity between an XML document and a DTD. The matching algorithm, by comparing the document structure against the one the DTD requires, is able to identify commonalities and differences. Differences can be due to the presence of extra elements with respect to those the DTD(More)
Although many temporal extensions of the relational data model have been proposed, there is no comparable amount of work in the context of object-oriented data models. Moreover, extensions to the relational model have been proposed in the framework of SQL standards, whereas no attempts have been made to extend the standard for objectoriented databases,(More)
The de nition of a view mechanism is an important issue for object-oriented database systems, in order to provide a number of features that are crucial for the development of advanced applications. Due to the complexity of the data model, the object-oriented paradigm introduces new problems in the de nition of a view mechanism. Several approaches have been(More)
Measuring the structural similarity between an XML document and a DTD has many relevant applications that range from document classification and approximate structural queries on XML documents to selective dissemination of XML documents and document protection. The problem is harder than measuring structural similarity among documents, because a DTD can be(More)
Due to the heterogeneous nature of XML data for internet applications exact matching of queries is often inadequate. The need arises to quickly identify subtrees of XML documents in a collection that are similar to a given pattern. Similarity involves both tags, that are not required to coincide, and structure, in which not all the relationships among nodes(More)