Giovanna Giarrè

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3H-Naloxone was used to demonstrate the presence of specific opiate binding sites in uterine membrane preparations of rats. 3H-Naloxone binding (0.41-27 nM) was found to be rapid, saturable and reversible showing two populations of binding sites with the characteristic of high (KD 2.2 nM; Bmax 46.6 fmol/mg prot.) and low (KD 18.1 nM; Bmax 143.7 fmol/mg(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To describe safety, tolerability, and effectiveness results through a minimum 2-year follow-up of patients who underwent permanent sterilization with the Essure insert. DESIGN A retrospective multicenter study (Canadian Task Force classification II2). SETTING Seven general hospitals and 4 clinical teaching centers in Italy. PATIENTS A(More)
Immunoreactive (Ir) beta-endorphin concentrations were determined in plasma, anterior pituitary (AP), neurointermediate pituitary lobe (NIL) and mediobasal hypothalamus (MBH) of pregnant (12-14 and 18-20 days) and fertile control rats, during labour and lactation. Immunoreactive Met-enkephalin concentrations were also evaluated in the MBH. Concentrations of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the x-ray appearance of Essure microinserts 5 years after their insertion. DESIGN Prospective controlled study. SETTING Tertiary referral centers for gynecologic care. PATIENT(S) Forty-five consecutive women with successful hysteroscopic bilateral placement of the Essure devices and postprocedure satisfactory(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze risk factors for type 2 diabetes among women attending menopause clinics in Italy for counselling about the menopause. SUBJECTS Women attending a network of first-level outpatient menopause clinics in Italy for general counselling about menopause or treatment of menopausal symptoms. METHODS Cross-sectional study with no exclusion(More)
OBJECTIVE To obtain data on correlates of climacteric symptoms in women around menopause attending menopause clinics in Italy. METHODS Since 1997 a large cross sectional study has been conducted on the characteristics of women around menopause attending a network of first level menopause outpatient's clinics in Italy. A total of 66,501 (mean age 54.4(More)
OBJECTIVE Polypectomy under hysteroscopic guidance is the treatment of choice for most endometrial polyps, but mechanical or electrical effects at the time of surgery may result in artifactual displacement of tissue with obvious resultant diagnostic problems. The purpose of this study was to record qualitative and quantitative histopathological artifacts(More)
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