Giovanna Barbieri

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To provide evidence for the cis-regulatory DNA sequences and trans-acting factors involved in the complex pattern of tissue- and stage-specific expression of the beta enolase gene, constructs(More)
Tyk2 belongs to the Janus kinase (JAK) family of receptor associated tyrosine kinases, characterized by a large N-terminal region, a kinase-like domain and a tyrosine kinase domain. It was previously(More)
tyk2 belongs to the JAK family of nonreceptor protein tyrosine kinases recently found implicated in signaling through a large number of cytokine receptors. These proteins are characterized by a large(More)
Amphiphilic cyclodextrin (ACyD) provides water-soluble and adaptable nanovectors by modulating the balance between the hydrophobic and hydrophilic chains at both CyD sides. This work aimed to design(More)
We have previously identified a muscle-specific enhancer within the first intron of the human beta enolase gene. Present in this enhancer are an A/T-rich box that binds MEF-2 protein(s) and a G-rich(More)
We report here the isolation and characterization of the human gene for the beta or muscle-specific isoform of the glycolytic enzyme enolase. The nucleotide sequence analysis revealed structural(More)