Giovanmaria Lechi

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In recent decades, radar and optical satellite imagery have been used for evaluating flooding extent. In this paper, a straightforward technique based on the sequential use of the spectral-temporal principal component analysis, logical filtering, and image segmentation integrated with the digital elevation model was developed as a decisional support tool(More)
This paper develops a critical review of the hyperspectral splitting of the solar reflected radiation acquired by hyperspectral imaging sensors. The bandwidth used in the range from 2.0–2.5 m by many hyperspectral sensors sometimes is too narrow for land cover classification. In fact, hyperspectral imagers often suffer from low signal-to-noise (SNR) in the(More)
In 2006 the Italian and the Canadian Space Agencies started a collaboration to evaluate the feasibility of the Joint Hyperspectral Mission (JHM), a new mission for Earth Observation devoted to environmental applications. JHM was designed to operate with a 0 m resolution hyperspectral sensor able to collect 210 narrow spectral bands in the range of 400-2500(More)
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