Giovani J. C. da Silveira

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Article history: Received 4 May 2012 Received in revised form 12 March 2013 Accepted 16 March 2013 Available online 12 April 2013 Most theories predicting technology use were conceived when information and communication technology (ICT) devices were less portable, had less functionality, and individuals experienced less permeability between work and nonwork(More)
This study introduces a framework for the analysis of improvement trajectories in operations and technology management. In the Žrst part, the concept of improvement trajectories in operations is deŽned, grounding on the evolutionary economic issues of path dependence and dynamic capabilities. In the second part, seven dimensions of the process and content(More)
OBJECTIVE Emergency department (ED) overcrowding is a serious issue for hospitals. Early information on short-term inward bed demand from patients receiving care at the ED may reduce the overcrowding problem, and optimize the use of hospital resources. In this study, we use text mining methods to process data from early ED patient records using the SOAP(More)
This study carries out an empirical test of the order-winners framework in manufacturing organizations. Hill [Hill, T., 1985. Manufacturing Strategy: The Strategic Management of the Manufacturing Function, first ed. Macmillan, Basingstoke; Hill, T., 2000. Manufacturing Strategy: Text and Cases, second ed. Palgrave, Basingstoke] proposed the order-winners(More)
In India, majority of companies have had nothing but disaster with ERP implementation projects. Much has been written on implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in organizations of various sizes. Implementing an ERP system is a difficult and high cost proposition as it places tremendous demands on organization's resources and time.(More)
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