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AIM Beside the degree of stenosis, plaque morphology obtained by the B mode ultrasound technique has been considered to define the plaque at risk for cerebrovascular events, and a subset of patients who deserve more strict surveillance. Our aim was to evaluate the relationship between plaque morphology, progression of stenosis, and the development of new(More)
A mortality study was undertaken on a cohort of 538 male workers employed at a coke plant in Carrara in the period 1960-1985. The follow-up period ranged from January 1 1960 to December 31 1990, with 10,665 person-years accumulated. A significant excess in mortality for lung cancer was observed: 19 observed deaths vs 10.02 expected deaths using national(More)
Based on neurology and cognitive science many studies are developed to understand the human model mental, getting to know how human cognition works, especially about learning processes that involve complex contents and spatial-logical reasoning. Event Related Potential - ERP - is a basic and non-invasive method of electrophysiological investigation. It can(More)
The AA. studied the glycometabolic activity of prazosin, a hypotensive drug with an adrenergic blocking activity of alpha-1-selective type. Twenty-two moderately hypertensive subjects were studied. Their ages ranged from 37 to 57 years; 10 of the patients had non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. After overnight fasting every patient underwent an oral(More)
In order to assess the prevalence of work-related musculo-skeletal disorders of the upper limbs, a total population of 29 female workers in an industrial vegetable preserving plant were examined. The average age of the workers was 41.3 years (SD = 9.2), and their average length of service was 16.7 years (SD = 7.2). Only 20% of the workers were(More)