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Research in psycholinguistics and in the cognitive neuroscience of language has suggested that semantic and syntactic processing are associated with different neurophysiologic correlates, such as the N400 and the P600 in the ERPs. However, only a handful of studies have investigated the neural basis of the syntax-semantics interface, and even fewer(More)
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Lisuride increased the incidence of stretching and yawning (SY) as well as of penile erection (PE) and elicited stereotyped behavior (SB), aggressive behavior and mounting in male rats, depending on the dose used. SY was prevented by two dopaminergic antagonists, haloperidol and sulpiride, but not by methysergide, a serotoninergic antagonist, while PE was(More)
This paper investigates how linguistic expressions of time, in particular temporal adverbs and verb tense morphemes, are used to establish temporal reference in the brain. First, a semantic analysis of tense and temporal adverbs is outlined. It is proposed that computing temporal reference amounts to solving a constraint satisfaction problem. Further, the(More)
B-HT 920, a selective agonist at dopamine (DA) autoreceptors, strongly increased the incidence of penile erections (PE) in male rats, an effect which was dose-related and antagonized by haloperidol. B-HT 920 at 100 and 200 μg/kg i.p. significantly altered the copulatory pattern of sexually active male rats, reducing the number of mounts and intromissions as(More)
(±)N-n-Propyl-norapomorphine (NPA), a potent agonist of brain dopamine receptors, influences aggressive behavior, but the type of influence depends on the experimental conditions. In rats, NPA increases aggression elicited by electrical foot shock, but decreases predatory aggression against turtles as well as isolation-induced aggression in male mice. NPA(More)
Since 1986, there have been reports in the literature that glycyrrhizin (GL), 18 alpha-glycyrrhetinic acid (18 alpha-GA) and 18 beta-glycyrrhetinic acid (18 beta-GA) can inhibit the growth of some murine tumours. Recently, testing the activity of GL and 18 alpha-GA on human tumour cells, we observed that both substances are good anti-proliferative agents,(More)
Although meaning has been a constant interest in psycholinguistics, the concepts and methods of formal semantics have been rarely used to make sense of empirical data. In this thesis we try to fill this gap presenting the results of two ERP studies on Dutch temporal semantics. In the first, we investigate the effects elicited by tense violations in temporal(More)
Recently, a number of neuroimaging studies have been conducted, aimed at detecting signs of consciousness in patients with a diagnosis of vegetative or minimally conscious state. The contributions appeared during an ongoing international ethical and socio-legal debate, on the admissibility of decisions to withdraw artificial nutrition from vegetative(More)