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Lisuride increased the incidence of stretching and yawning (SY) as well as of penile erection (PE) and elicited stereotyped behavior (SB), aggressive behavior and mounting in male rats, depending on the dose used. SY was prevented by two dopaminergic antagonists, haloperidol and sulpiride, but not by methysergide, a serotoninergic antagonist, while PE was(More)
Research in psycholinguistics and in the cognitive neuroscience of language has suggested that semantic and syntactic processing are associated with different neurophysiologic correlates, such as the N400 and the P600 in the ERPs. However, only a handful of studies have investigated the neural basis of the syntax-semantics interface, and even fewer(More)
B-HT 920, a selective agonist at dopamine (DA) autoreceptors, strongly increased the incidence of penile erections (PE) in male rats, an effect which was dose-related and antagonized by haloperidol. B-HT 920 at 100 and 200 μg/kg i.p. significantly altered the copulatory pattern of sexually active male rats, reducing the number of mounts and intromissions as(More)
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Cimetidine injected IP 15 min before (±) N-n-propylnorapomorphine (NPA) antagonized in dose-dependent fashion the penile erections (PE) and stretching and yawning (SY) induced by this typical dopaminergic agonist in male rats. Ranitidine, which acts on H2 histamine receptors in much the same way as cimetidine despite its lack of an imidazole ring, failed to(More)
N-n-Propyl-norapomorphine (NPA), a potent dopamine (DA) receptor stimulant, in doses from 0.4 to 80 micrograms/kg i.p. produced a dose-related sexual stimulant effect characterized by recurrent episodes of penile erection (PE). The number of episodes and percentage of responding subjects were proportional to the dose. However, above the maximal effective(More)
(±)N-n-Propyl-norapomorphine (NPA), a potent agonist of brain dopamine receptors, influences aggressive behavior, but the type of influence depends on the experimental conditions. In rats, NPA increases aggression elicited by electrical foot shock, but decreases predatory aggression against turtles as well as isolation-induced aggression in male mice. NPA(More)
In rats the intraperitoneal injection of imidazole (IMID) induced shaking behaviour, the effect appearing to be age- and sex-linked; younger animals responded less vigorously than older animals, while females always exhibited a significantly weaker response than males of the same age. After ovariectomy, however, the number of shakes of the two sexes was(More)