Giorgos Zacharioudakis

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In the developed countries, healthcare systems are evolving under the pressure of the population ageing, the necessity of reducing the increasing healthcare costs and the availability of new technologies. Telemedicine and eHealth solutions are gaining importance in this reference frame.
Changes in heart rate (HR) and respiratory rate (RespR) may be used as markers of early decompensation in chronic heart failure (CHF) patients monitored at home. Aiming at improving quality of care and at reducing hospitalization rate and health care costs in CHF, progress in technology has led to the development of small portable and even wearable devices(More)
During the clinical validation of HEARTFAID, a platform of services for the medical-clinical management of heart failure (HF) in elderly subjects, performed in several European sites, special attention was paid to test Nurse@Home (N@H), a flexible and innovative application for the home monitoring of HF patients. This paper is focused on the validation(More)
is a vision developed in the last years promoting future scenarios where people will be surrounded by intelligent intuitive interfaces that are embedded in all kinds of objects and an environment that will be capable of recognizing and responding to the presence of different individuals in a seamless, unobtrusive and often invisible way. The traditional(More)
Scientific workflow technologies and tools have become an important weapon in the arsenal of the bioinformaticians and computational biologists. To support this view we present a typical exploratory data analysis scenario involving the combination of information from Gene Regulatory Networks and gene expression data. We further describe the implementation(More)
This paper presents the implementation of a smart environment that employs Ambient Intelligence technologies in order to augment a typical hospital room with smart features that assist both patients and medical staff. In this environment various wireless and wired sensor technologies have been integrated, allowing the patient to control the environment and(More)
Recent advances in the field of bioinformatics present a number of challenges in the secure and efficient management and analysis of biological data resources. Workflow technologies aim to assist scientists and domain experts in the design of complex, long running, data and computing intensive experiments that involve many data processing and analysis tasks(More)
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