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In this paper we present SYNAISTHISI, i.e., a cloud-based platform, that provides the necessary infrastructure in order to interconnect heterogeneous devices and services over heterogeneous networks. SYNAISTHISI facilitates the orchestration of a collective functionality allowing several services to be managed through agents that dynamically allocate the(More)
—The purpose of the research described in this paper is to examine the existence of correlation between low level audio, visual and textual features and movie content similarity. In order to focus on a well defined and controlled case, we have built a small dataset of movie scenes from three sequel movies. In addition, manual annotations have led to a(More)
This paper presents an Internet-of-Things approach to fusing audio sensors towards the detection of audio events, in a meeting room scenario. The different types of audio sensors (microphones) and respective individual audio analysis modules are incorporated within the context of an IoT framework that follows a message-oriented architecture. Each individual(More)
The huge growth of population size along with all the accompanying impacts, like traffic flow, commercial and industrial activities have led to a respective increase of noise pollution in the urban environments. In most cases, noise pollution in big cities is characterized by low-frequency and continuous background sounds. This ever-growing environmental(More)
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