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The time restrictions that apply in museum learning increase the need for adaptive and/or adaptable technologies. However, deriving a visitor's profile is not an easy task, since most common ways (asking direct questions, recording user actions) are either intrusive or time consuming. Observing the visitors' movement (visiting style) within the museum could(More)
— User profiling is commonly employed nowadays to enhance usability as well as to support personalization, adaptivity and other user-centric features. Insofar, application designers model user profiles mainly in an ad-hoc manner, hindering thus application interoperability at the user profile level, increasing the amount of work to be done and the(More)
Museums have started to realise the potential of new technologies for the development of edutainment content and services for their visitors. Virtual reality technologies promise to offer a vivid, enjoyable experience to the museums guests, but the cost in time, effort and resources can prove to be overwhelming. In this paper, we propose the use of 3D game(More)
Filling and submission of electronic forms is a key issue for e-government, since most electronic services offered in this context include some variant of electronic forms. Insofar, IT experts are placed in the centre of electronic forms services lifecycles, undertaking the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance phases. This practice, however,(More)
In this paper we present a system that facilitates virtual museum development and usage. The system is based on a game engine, ensuring thus minimal cost and good performance, and includes provisions that enable museum curators design the virtual museum without any specialized knowledge. Besides visual and auditory information, museum curators may also(More)
Digital libraries and historical archives are increasingly employing visualization systems to facilitate the information retrieval and knowledge extraction tasks of their users. Typically, each organization employs a single visualization system, which may not suit best the needs of certain user groups, specific tasks, or properties of document collections(More)