Giorgos Kouvas

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I n the past, businesses often operated in stand-alone mode or relied on rather static networks of cooperating organizations. Today, competition has become fiercer, fueled by relatively recent developments such as the globalization of business, shortened time-to-market requirements, and increased market transparency. Products and services to be delivered to(More)
The ever-increasing complexity of contemporary products and services demands business supply chains that involve a large number of autonomous organizations. Competitive markets require that these chains are highly agile, effective and efficient. This is achieved by forming dynamic virtual enterprises within supplier networks, which we call instant virtual(More)
Nowadays, business supply chains for the production of complex products or services are likely to involve a number of autonomous organizations. The competitive market requires that these supply chains are highly agile, effective and efficient. Agility and effectiveness are obtained by forming highly dynamic virtual enterprises within supplier networks. We(More)
The globally observed recession of mobile services market has pushed mobile network operators into looking for opportunities to provide value-added services on top of their high cost infrastructures. Latest advances in self and network-assisted positioning technologies, enable the provision of services that make use of the actual mobile user location. This(More)
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