Giorgos Alexiou

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Waste stabilization ponds (WSP) have been used extensively all over Europe over the last 50 yr for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters. Models presented in manuals should be used only for guidance, and local experience from pilot and full-scale plants of a particular pond type is extremely valuable. Anaerobic WSP are single-stage,(More)
The Public Spending (PS) project is the first attempt to generate, curate, interlink and distribute daily updated public spending data in LOD formats that can be useful to both expert (i.e. scientists and professionals) and naïve users. The PS ontology is based on the UK payments ontology and reuses, among others, the W3C Registered Organization Vocabulary(More)
The provision of publicly available open data leads to transparency in several public sector exchanges, spending and decisions. However, this information is served massively and heterogeneously mostly due to different bureaucratic procedures and paperwork formats, while its diffusion does not occur at regular or at least generally predictable time(More)
Data aggregators harvest, deduplicate and make available content from disparate data sources in different domains, such as cultural information, academic, and scientific content. The availability of aggregated data in the form of Linked Data is subject to the evolution of information at the data sources, thus proper handling is necessary for published data(More)
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